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Insurance Services


We are a leader in working for our clients to source and place life, long term care and disability insurance. 

Because of our consulting services, the need for insurance most typically stems from a larger strategy that is being put in place.  And because of these same consulting services, our clients tend to be active clients “for life”.  This gives our clients three major advantages in getting insurance through Blevins Financial:

  1. The insurance placed is appropriate for your overall plan and is complimentary to the short and long-term objectives and strategies the team has identified. 

  2. The insurance placed is typically done in conjunction with your overall advisory team.  All too often insurance is sold before CPAs, attorneys or wealth managers are aware it is even being considered.  This results in a product being “sold” rather than a problem being solved.

  3. Our people will be there to actively service the insurance product over the long-term rather than closing the sale and moving on to the next client. 

Frozen Pond

Key areas where our insurance expertise typically

comes into play

Income Protection 

Making sure a family can survive financially through the death or disability of a primary income earning family member.

Estate Liquidity Protection

Providing needed liquidity to fund estate taxes to ensure business and real estate assets don’t have to be liquidated to cover estate taxes due.

Personal Wealth Protection

Long-term care insurance is a hot topic these days with many of us seeing the impact of good and bad care options on our own parents.  Not to mention the impact those care choices have on their personal financial situation.  Long-term care policies today provide a breadth of options and advantages that create a strong solution for clients.  

Business Buy/Sell

Funding the ownership transition of a business at a point when a partner has passed away or become disabled.

Key Person Protection

Protecting financial results of a business against the unexpected loss of a key contributor.


Advanced Retirement

Utilizing the tax-favored investment growth that life insurance can provide to help drive increased personal wealth. 

Our experience includes key areas of advanced life insurance such as premium finance, insurance as an asset class and tax-favored growth.  Additionally, we are an owner of LionStreet, which is one of the leading national organizations serving independent insurance producers.  They provide back office and underwriting support as well as manage relationships with key carriers to increase opportunities to serve our clients more effectively.

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