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Estate Planning


For our clients, proper estate planning means managing the complexities of successful business operations, income preservation, wealth transfer/estate tax reduction and family protection.  All in an ever changing environment.  Our focus is to lead our clients through the financial, business operational, family strategy and emotional portions of this complex issue and to work hand-in-hand with your legal and tax counsel to ensure you get the best possible strategy designed and expertly executed. 

Part of our skill set is being able to take this highly complex area and boil it down to key elements and effectively communicate them to our clients so they can make truly informed decisions and be comfortable in the impacts created.  

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How we help lead our clients 

Estate Tax Reduction

Our clients tend to be owners of closely-held businesses.  This makes estate tax reduction more complex because it needs to not put the business at risk just to save taxes.  At the same time, it is critical to minimize these taxes so that there isn’t a forced sale of the business (at a fire-sale discount) to fund estate taxes.  It is also important to understand not just the Federal estate tax, but also the taxes for each state – which typically trigger at much lower thresholds.  We bring the ability to handle all these aspects and deliver a comprehensive plan to protection  you, your business and your family. 

Family Protection

 Helping families put in place a structure to deal with their own personal situation, whether it be minor-age children protection, special needs trusts, creditor/divorce protection or just simply helping ensure wealth passed to the next generation doesn’t result in unproductive citizens.  We bring a practical approach and help you make the tough, but very important decisions.  


Income and Liquidity Protection

Using life, long-term care and disability insurance to create financial certainty during emotionally trying times.  We have decades of combined experience in working with clients to identify areas of concern, crafting potential options for clients to consider and then helping them put those solutions in place.  We hold relationships with a wide range of top tier insurance companies and are owners in LionStreet, the premier back office/underwriting company for independent producers in the country. This provides us additional expertise in case design, product selection and ongoing management.

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