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Business Protection Planning


Our focus in this area is to help you protect and grow the business that you have worked so hard to develop. 

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Our Efforts

Key Employee Profit Share and Retention Plans

We help create alignment of ownership and key employees in driving profitable growth for the company.  As part of these structures, we also look to establish Golden Handcuffs and potentially even change of control bonuses to encourage employee retention and to even give you a competitive edge in recruiting new talent.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreement Structuring

All too often, these agreements are either overly generic or don’t reflect the true operations of the business.  We bring the financial and operational expertise that, when coupled with legal counsel, puts in place a strong cornerstone document that truly reflects proper procedure and decision making.

Company Buy/Sell Strategies

 What happens when partners/shareholders leave under different circumstances?  How can those situations be protected?  We outline a variety of options and bring the complimentary financial products and protection to best ensure your company's security.  


Deferred Compensation

Strategies geared to enable more tax-efficient retirement planning options for key employees and owners above your typical 401(k) and other Qualified plans. 


Equity Access Today

Business owners struggle between making sure there is enough capital for growth and pulling out equity value to diversify risk, with the struggle often leading them to focus on what they know - leaving all their financial "eggs" in one basket.  We have a financial strategy that allows you to access your Goodwill value today and redeploy that stagnant asset so you can start getting a return today.  The intent of this structure is to increase your personal net wealth and take risk off selling the business in the future to achieve your financial goals.  Owners of operating businesses usually have to wait until they sell to get access to this “goodwill” asset.  

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