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Business Exit Planning


Unlike most brokers or investment bankers, we don’t just look to rush your business to market.  We have the experience to compare and analyze, develop and ultimately execute your exit plan through all potential avenues.  This means you get the right exit strategy for you. 

Our leadership in this area is well known and is a focus of our speaking engagements, including tax efficient buyout structures, proper employee buyout methodologies (why they are always done wrong), and investigating all of your exit options.  

Frozen Lake

Our Core Expertise

Transfer to Heirs/Family

 A structure that shifts ownership to the next generation in a manner that:

  1. Ensures the health of the business.

  2. Takes care to maintain your personal standard of living.

  3. Minimizes all points of taxation. 

  4. Protects the next generation of owners. 

Key Employee Buyouts

We bring a significant expertise and a unique process to this exit option where we blend the structures, cash flow focus and tax savings of Estate Planning and couple them with transaction structure expertise, investment banking financing knowledge and operational history to craft a structure that is truly a win-win for both the buyers and sellers. 

Sale to a Known 3rd Party

In these controlled sales, we lead our clients through all aspects of negotiations on price, terms and taxation with an emphasis on getting the best deal possible…not just the best price.   We take leadership from day one, all the way through due diligence, contract negotiations, closing and even post-closing aspects.

Equity Access Today

Business owners struggle between making sure there is enough capital for growth and pulling out equity value to diversify risk, with the struggle often leading them to focus on what they know - leaving all their financial "eggs" in one basket.  We have a financial strategy that allows you to access your Goodwill value today and redeploy that stagnant asset so you can start getting a return today.  The intent of this structure is to increase your personal net wealth and take risk off selling the business in the future to achieve your financial goals.  Owners of operating businesses usually have to wait until they sell to get access to this “goodwill” asset.  

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